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let the world know who you are.

your personal brand tells the world who you are


your brand is what you say

how you say it

 and who you say it to.

your brand is your style...

what you're known for doing 

and how you do it.

your brand is the essence

and the expression of you.



For your business or career

We'll help you create a personal

brand that lets the world know who you are.


You're ready to let your voice

 be heard.

We'll help you express yourself

with clarity, confidence,

consistency and command.



Carefully-crafted copy that sounds like you at your best. Need words for your website? Script for a speech? We'll capture you just right.


Looking for career direction?

Suggestions on

breaking through the noise?

We're here to brainstorm, coach, facilitate, Just ask.


we'll help you voice your brand in everything you do

there with you every step of the way to help build your business or craft your career

susan schwartz

Susan Schwartz founded You Who Branding to offer entrepreneurs and job seekers the insight to appreciate and present themselves with clarity and confidence. 


Her broad professional experience -- ranging from advertising copywriting to TV script writing, corporate training and image consulting -- gives Susan special understanding of what it takes to stand out in today's highly competitive environment. And her exceptional intuition helps her pinpoint each individual's strengths.


Over the course of twenty years in business, Susan has worked with thousands of people to find their perfect job and has assisted hundreds of small businesses to build strong brands. 

"People -- and businesses -- get so many messages about what they need to do to be successful that they overlook their unique strengths. I'm here to help clear their confusion so they can be themselves at their authentic best."


Her personal aim is to make authenticity the basis for every interaction, transaction and communication everywhere on the planet.


She's still working on it.

about susan

connie habash

“Susan helped me to share my gifts with others clearly, succinctly, and with impact. She also helped me envision new avenues in which to share my talents and grow my business.”


u got 2 b u.              650-303-8735

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